150+ Advanced Excel Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

This is based on our experience with consulting and interacting with 20,000+ students in the classroom sessions. Best for learning excel in Hindi. We also have excel training in Hindi.

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Excel 1

Advanced Excel

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MS Word

MS Word Tutorials

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MS outlook

Outlook Tutorials

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MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tricks

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MS Office Combo

MS Office Combo

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MS Excel VBA

Excel VBA

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Learn Excel In Hindi

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✅ AutoSum function in Excel✅ Number filter in Excel
✅ Max function in Excel✅ Remove Duplicates values in Excel
✅ Average function in Excel✅ Create Drop-down in Excel in 30 seconds
✅ CountBlank function in Excel✅ Remove Drop-down in Excel
✅ Count and Counta function in Excel✅ Freeze Panes in Excel
✅ Master logical statements: True or False in Excel✅ Format Painter in Excel
✅ Simple logical statement: True or False in Excel✅ Table Formatting in Excel
✅ Status bar in Excel✅ Hyperlinks in Excel
✅ Data Formatting in Excel✅ UPPER, LOWER, PROPER to change text case in Excel
✅ Autofill dates in Excel✅ Trim function in Excel
✅ Autofill numbers in Excel✅ Round function in Excel
✅ Sort Data in Excel | Descending order✅ Mround function in Excel
✅ Sort Data in Excel | Alphabetically✅ How to store numbers as text in 1 minute in Excel
✅ Sort by Dates in Excel✅ Value function in Excel
✅ Sort by Color in Excel✅ Len function in Excel
✅ Filter Data and then Calculate Sum in Excel✅ Left – Right – Mid function in Excel
✅ Filter in Excel✅ Excel VBA (Macro Basic)
✅ Working with filtered Data in Excel✅ Basics of Charts in Excel
✅ Pivot Table in Excel✅ Calculate Year on Year percentage Growth
✅ Vlookup function in Excel | Part 1✅ Add serial numbers column before sorting in Excel
✅ Vlookup function in Excel | Part 2✅ 2 level sorting in Excel
✅ Vlookup function in Excel | Part 3✅ Subtotal function in Excel
✅ Vlookup function in Excel | Part 4✅ Format Painter Continuously in Excel
✅ Vlookup function in Excel | Part 5✅ Color multiple sheet tab in Excel
✅ Use Vlookup to find the Debtors Ageing analysis in Excel✅ Color cells based on cell value in Excel
✅ I bet you wouldn’t know this Vlookup trick in Excel | Score Grading✅ Color cells based on cell error or blanks in Excel
✅ I bet you wouldn’t know this Vlookup trick in Excel |Food Grading✅ Adding leading Zeroes in cheque number in Excel
✅ Using Vlookup find Service tax in Excel✅ Calculate Fixed Deposit in Excel | Part 1
✅ Excel vlookup in Multiple sheets✅ Calculate Fixed Deposit in Excel | Part 2
✅ Vlookup vs. Hlookup in Excel✅ Formatting Tricks to write x3 in Excel
✅ Excel Logical function – AND, OR✅ Pie Chart in Excel
✅ IF function and Nested IF function in Excel✅ Chart Trick – Best way to present Charts in Excel
✅ Countif function in Excel | Cell Counting✅ View bar in Excel
✅ Sumif function in Excel | Adding numbers✅ Comments in Excel
✅ Avaergeif function in Excel✅ Print Excel Sheets
✅ Sumproduct function in Excel✅ Dashboard
✅ Delete Error cells by using Go To Special in Excel✅ Dashboard Trick – Create a scroll Bar in Excel
✅ Excel Shortcut: Ctrl + Enter✅ Hyperlinked Shortcuts in Excel
✅ Fill Intermittent Blank cells in Excel✅ Horizontal Sort in Excel
✅ Match function in Excel | Part 1✅ Add a blank row in Excel
✅ Match function in Excel | Part 2✅ Sort Data by Custom list in Excel
✅ 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 1✅ Thermometer Chart in Excel
✅ 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 2✅ Multi-axis Chart in Excel
✅ 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 3✅ Formula Security
✅ 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 4✅ Formula Audit
✅ Roundup and Rounddown function in Excel✅ 3D Data Consolidation in Excel
✅ Round function in Excel | Practical Applications✅ Goalseek in Excel
✅ Round Tricks from Excel Superstar in Excel✅ Create Scenario in Excel
✅ Substitute function in Excel✅ Substitute and Replace function in Excel
✅ Activate Developer Tab in 2007-2016 in Excel✅ Joining data strings using CONCATENATE, &
✅ Dashboard Trick – Create a spin Button in Excel✅ Reverse 2-way Lookup – INDEX with MATCH
✅ Microsoft Add-in Fuzzy lookup in Excel
✅ Flash fill in Excel | Data Cleaning
✅ Hide a sheet so that no one can easily unhide in Excel
✅ Confidential – Remove “Protect sheet” Password with Notepad
✅ Confidential – Remove “Protect workbook” Password with Notepad
✅ Making a text magically invisible in Excel
✅ OFFSET function in Excel
✅ Indirect function in Excel
✅ Text to Columns in Excel

Best Excel Course In Hindi

Our Youtuber's Review

Best MS Excel Tutorial in Hindi 

Why MS Excel in Hindi?

The first time ever Video tutorials for the online training of MS Excel in Hindi is going to leave the Excel bugs in your head. 

As each of us knows, Microsoft Excel contains endless rows and columns which is used to arrange data entry and can be used for many other quicker calculations.

Our excel tutorials will help you to:

Prepare salary sheets, mark sheets, to track sales trends, do business calculation deals and will be a helping hand in generating memos. In technical terms, Excel is an Electronic Spreadsheet Program, and its Hindi tutorial will help you with the spreadsheet for bills, wedding budget, debt plan, the spreadsheet for business and spreadsheet designs. And then there are many advanced excel tips and tricks which can be used by people to lessen the burden of their traditional calculation methods and the way of handling tasks.

MS Excel in Hindi is designed exclusively for the people who thought they can never use MS Excel. We guarantee you a learning and an online training that is going to make you the excel expert.

Match, Index, pivot tables are few of the tools that people use frequently when they’re using MS Excel. Over the time we have observed users coming out in search to get a better understanding of Vlookup, Vlookup vs. HLookup and the visual versions of Excel Shortcuts, Excel logical functions, preparation of Pivot Tables, Excel Formulas, Calculation of GST and methods to unlock protected Excel Sheets without the password.

MS Excel tutorial in Hindi by Excel Superstar has made excel superstar lookup function of Vlookup and Hlookup more comprehensible in the Video form i.e. Vlookup part 1 and Vlookup vs. Hlookup

V in the Vlookup stands for Vertical columns and you cannot neglect the Vlookup function, people need to have a learning of the Vlookup function as it helps to find specific information existing in the same row of another column. Then we have the Hlookup, The H in Hlookup stands for the Horizontal rows and the Hlookup will retrieve the data by searching for the value in the top row of a table and returning the value in the same column of the row that we specify.

Learn MS Excel in depth and use the tools in our online training session and become the spreadsheet excel Ninja you always wanted to be.

Aapne shayad ye socha hoga ki ye excel ke formulae aapke pahuch sei door hain par excel superstar bana he aapki in kamiyon ko poora karne ke liye hai. MS Excel in Hindi ke tutorials ab bus one-click download door

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