Sort Data – A to Z (alphabetically)

Sort Data – A to Z (alphabetically)

You can sort data by text (A to Z or Z to A), numbers (smallest to largest or largest to smallest), and dates and times (oldest to newest and newest to oldest) in one or more columns. You can also sort by a custom list (such as Large, Medium, and Small) or by format, including cell color, font color, or icon set. Most sort operations are column sorts, but you can also sort by rows.

Sort criteria are saved with the workbook so that you can reapply the sort each time that you open the workbook for an Excel table, but not for a range of cells. If you want to save sort criteria so that you can periodically reapply a sort when you open a workbook, then it’s a good idea to use a table. This is especially important for multicolumn sorts or for sorts that take a long time to create.

When you reapply a sort, different results appear for the following reasons:

Data has been added, modified, or deleted to the range of cells or table column.

Values returned by a formula have changed and the worksheet has been recalculated.