AutoFill Date, Month, Year in Excel

How to use Autofill Excel?

This tutorial shows various ways to fill in dates in Excel. There is several ways of entering dates in Excel but it depends on the type of date you want to input. Whether you want a series if dates, you want month end dates or you want year end dates. This tutorial will show you how you can enter dates in excel using autofill excel command.

? How to Enter a Date in Excel?

You can enter date in Excel in variety of ways i.e. 1/1/2011 or 1-Jan or 1 January 2011 etc. When you type any of these Excel knows that you are entering date into the cell and it applied the date format to the cell.

Steps to enter a series of date in Excel:

1. Enter the first date in the cell.

2. Drag your mouse vertically or horizontally i.e. either through the column or the row.

3. You will see that the dates will be entered automatically.


Autofill excel Date


This helps us to save time of typing series of dates. And carry out our work faster. If suppose you dragged the mouse and entered the dates but your cell shows #####. This means that your width of the cell won’t be enough to show date. As you adjust the width of the cell you will see the date.

? When you Don’t Find Autofill Option?

When you don’t find the autofill option as you drag through column or row, it might be because the auto fill options might be turned off.

To turn on the autofill options you need to Go to File menu > Click on Options > Select Advance > Tick mark on Enable Fill handles.

Autofill option is known as Fill handle tool. Fill handle tool is a great tool that allows us to quickly copy formulas down the column.

? Excel Shortcut keys to Open Format Dialog Box:

You can right click the mouse and go to format cell to change the number in your cell to date, currency or any other format of your choice.

However you can press Ctrl + 1 from you keyboard and open the format cell dialog box.

? AutoFill Month Ends and Year Ends:

1. Enter the first month end date or the year end date.

2. Drag out mouse and select the auto fill options you see at the right bottom corner of your selection.

3. Click on the autofill option and select the respective option. I.e. for month end select fill months and for year select fill years.

? Conclusion:

This is how autofill Excel dates help you save a lot of time and carry out your work faster. It saves efforts of typing and accurately carries out the work as chance of entering wrong dates are very less. The Video in this tutorial might have made you understand the importance of us a great tool.

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