Autofill Numbers in Excel

How to Autofill Numbers in Excel?

This tutorial explains you regarding numbering in Excel. There is a variety of options available for Autofill numbers Excel. Let’s take a look at those options.

? Series Numbering using Formula:

We can add series to our data with the help of formula. Suppose we want to enter series of no starting from column B row 3. We enter 1 in the cell B3. Now we want to add series of numbers to that particular column. We do that by just typing the formula once in the next cell and the dragging your mouse.

Formula to be entered is =B3+1 and press Enter.


Autofill numbers excel

? Series Numbering using Fill Handle:

We can add series of numbers to our column by using fill handle. Fill handle is a great tool that helps to carry out work faster and with ease. Just select the first two cell of the column and then drag your mouse downwards.

Enter 1, 2 in the cell A2 and A3 respectively. Now select the two cells and left click and hold your mouse and drag it down the columns. The series of numbers will be entered automatically into your spreadsheet.

Autofill numbers excel fill handle

? Series Numbering using the Fill option:

We can enter the series in the worksheet by using the fill option available in the Home ribbon of the Excel.

Go to Home Tab > Go to Fill > Select Series > select and fill in the required data.

? Series Numbering using Row Formula:

ROW is an effective way to insert serial numbers in the worksheet. Just type the formula =ROW() in the first cell and drag the mouse down. Series of numbers will be inserted.

You can not only insert number of series but also others things as well such as invoice no, batch no, etc. You just need to select the two cells and drag your mouse.

? Bonus Trick of Autofill numbers Excel:

A bonus trick too is explained in this video where you want to enter data of two cells into one cell. Then you just select the cells and wide the cell so that the data can be entered into the first cell. Select two cells > click on fill.

? Conclusion:

This tutorial explained to you regarding the various autofill numbers excel ways you can enter in your spreadsheet. This is an effective tool as it saves time and efforts of the user.

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