Bar Chart in Excel | Bar chart example

Bar Chart Excel

A minimum of two variables are needed while creating Bar Chart Excel. One is dependent variable that changes and the other is independent variable that do not change. Bar charts are represented horizontally in the Graph. The Vertical representation is known as Column Chart.

There are 6 types of bar charts option available. They are as follows: Clustered bar, Stacked Bar, 100% Stacked bar, 3-D Clustered Bar, 3-D Stacked Bar, 100% Stacked Bar.

Bar Chart Excel are used when you have large data labels, it becomes easier to read the data. Bar Chart is known as the horizontal representation of the Column chart. You also use Bar chart when you want to display duration in the graph.

Tip: Don’t leave any of the row or column blank while creating chart.

Steps to build bar chart in Excel is as follow:

Here, we have represented reasons for pollution in the Bar chart.

Steps 1: Select the raw data. Or the range of cells.

bar chart Excel - India Cricket team future Tour Data

Step 2: Click on the Insert tab > Chart group > Click on Bar chart.

bar Chart Excel - Insert Tab - Bar Chart

Step 3: In the drop down menu of bar chart, select Clustered Bar.

Bar chart Excel - Clustered bar Chart

Step 4: The Clustered bar chart is presented in the spreadsheet.

Bar chart Excel - Bar chart example

In this Bar Chart Shown Team India will Play as many as 203 International matches, Most for any other cricketing nation in period between May 2018 – May 2023 #TeamIndia #Cricket

Step 5: Change the Chart type Clustered Bar to stacked Bar. Select Chart>>Go to Design Tab>>Click on Change Chart Type

Bar chart Excel - Stacked bar

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