Change Worksheet Tab Color

How to Change Worksheet Tab Color in Excel?

By default, the worksheet tab has no color. Active worksheets are white in color and inactive sheets are grey in color. While working with too many sheets in the workbook, we might want to get attention to a specific worksheet. We must assign some eye-catching color to the worksheet so that it is attracted and we can easily locate the sheet. This tutorial will explain to you regarding how you can Change worksheet tab color of a single sheet as well as multiple sheets together.

? How to Change the worksheet tab color? 

For Single Worksheet:

To change the color of the single sheet, go through the following steps:

Step 1: Select the sheet you want to color.

Step 2: “Right click” on the sheet tab and go to tab color.

Step 3: Select any one color and press OK.

For Multiple Sheet but of the Same Color

To change the color of multiple sheets but of the same color, you need to carry these simple steps:

Step 1: Press CTRL and select the sheets that you want to color.

Step 2Right-click on any of the selected sheets and select tab color.

Step 3: Select the color of your choice and you see that the sheet tab color is changed.

? Where do you find the worksheet tab color? 

Worksheet Tab color can also be found in the Home tab > cells group > Format. Go to tab color and select color.

Another way to change the worksheet tab color is to use the keyboard shortcut. The Excel keyboard shortcut will be ALT + H+ O+ T. It will open format tab color. Select color and your sheet color will be formatted. In other words, this is how you can change the worksheet tab color. 

? Conclusion: 

This tutorial explained to you regarding how to change the worksheet Tab color in Excel using a single sheet and multiple sheets together. This is used to catch the attention of the viewer and to carry out the task easily. It can be used as one of the ways to differentiate it from other sheets.

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