Make Column Chart in Excel | MS Excel in Hindi

Create Column Chart in Excel

Column chart is the most used chart in Excel. Column charts are very simple. It is a graphical presentation of data in Excel spreadsheet. Column chart display values for one or more categories. Column charts are effective when we have to compare values of many series. Excel offers 7 different types of column charts like Clustered Column, Stacked Column, 100% Stacked Column, 3-D Clustered Column, 3-D Stacked Column, 3-D 100% Stacked Column, 3-D Column.

Tip: Hovering over each option from the drop down menu, a preview is seen of the highlighted chart in the spreadsheet.

Let’s see the steps on how you can create Column Chart in Excel:

Step 1: Select the data set. Here we have select A1:C9

Column Chart - example

Step 2: Go to insert Tab in the Chart group, select Column Chart

Column Chart Options

Step 3: Click on Clustered column chart & Remove Chart title & Formatting Chart style like remove Grid lines, Legend put on Top and change the background color of chart and change bar color for more appealing

Column Chart

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