Count function in Excel

How to use Count function in Excel?

This tutorial will explain you regarding the count function in Excel. The Count function is basically a function to count a number of cells that contain numbers. In depth of this function is given below.

  • What is Count Function?
  • What are the Purpose and use of the Count Function?
  • What is the formula of Count Function?
  • Where do you find Count Function?

? What is Count Function?

The Excel count function is usually used to count a number of cells that contain numbers. It also counts the number of cells that contain a number of arguments. This function was introduced in Excel in the year 2000. It is a statistical function in Excel. This function is a part of a formula.

Count function is a worksheet function because it carries out operations that are related to the worksheet. This function is as simple as AutoSum function. This function helps in analyzing data if we want to keep a record on the count of numbers in the cells.

? What is the Purpose and Use of Count Function in Excel?

The purpose of this function is to count the numbers in the worksheet. This function in return gives a numeric value.  The purpose of this data is to count numbers and not the text data. With his function, we just come to know whether we have more of number cells or text cells while comparing a large amount of data in the Excel.

? Syntax or formula of Count Function in Excel

When there is a small amount of data in the worksheet we can easily count the numbers in the worksheet. But when there are large amounts of data, practically it is not possible to calculate it manually. Excel count function helps us to minimize the task of counting. It counts the numbers by simply applying the formula

=COUNT(value1, [value 2], …)


Value 1 is the range for which you want to count numbers.

Value 2 is optional. This will allow you to add 255 arguments to this function.

For example: if we want to count the numbers in the range A1: A10. We will use the formula as =COUNT (A1: A10)

? Points to Remember:

  • Count function counts numbers, dates, or text representation of the number.
  • Values or text that cannot be converted into numbers is not counted.
  • Logical values and text representing numbers are also counted.
  • Values or text that cannot be included in this function.
  • Empty cells are not counted.
  • Count numbers include COUNTA and COUNTIF function as well.
  • The countif function is used to count specific criteria.
  • Counta function is used to count logical values and text.

? Where do you find Count Function?

First: In the AutoSum drop down menu. AutoSum drop down menu is at the home ribbon editing group with the AutoSum name and sign ∑.

Second: Press “fx” function above the spreadsheet and below the ribbon. An Insert function dialog box will open. Select the function count from the list.

Third: In the formula ribbon. Search for AutoSum and click on the drop down it will show count. Or go to the function library group to find more function. Press the right arrow key it will show the average function.

Fourth: Use the keyboard shortcut Shift + F3 to open the insert function dialog box and select Count Function.

? Conclusion:

Here, we come to know about the function. Its purpose, its uses, the formula to be used, where can we find this function. I hope your concept regarding the count function is clear and you can now carry out this function easily.

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