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Learn MS Access Course

Apane trainer dost ko jaanie:

  • Name: Mr. Rishabh Pugalia
  • Profession: Chartered Accountant
  • Has worked for KPMG (Audit), J.P. Morgan (Investment Banking & Research), Futures First (STIR F&O)
  • 4.0 years of work experience in the area of Audit, Investment Banking & Proprietary trading
    • Program Director & Training Instructor – Advanced Excel, Advanced PowerPoint, Financial Modeling, VBA Macros
    • 7.0 years of work experience in Corporate Training, eLearning Content Development
    • Under him, He has trained more than 12,000 professionals across 14+ cities
    • Successfully completed six-weeks Analyst training program of Adkins Matchett & Toy
    • Conducted CPE seminars for Chartered Accountants – Kolkata, Mumbai, Jodhpur

Course Sample Video

0101 Why MS-Access
0102 Starting with MS-Access (Interface)
0103 Data Types and Purpose
0201 Introduction
0202 Creating a Sample Table
0203 Adding, Editing and Deleting Records
0204 Use of Autonumbers – Datasheet View
0205 Table Properties and Custom Formatting
0206 Set Field Validations
0207 Other Field Properties
0208 Import Data from Excel into a New Table
0209 Append Data From Excel into an existing table
0210 Table Sorting
0211 Table Filtering
0212 Exporting to Excel
0301 Introduction
0302 Basic Queries
0303 Query Criteria
0304 Date Criteria
0305 Using AND in Criteria
0306 Using Or in Criteria
0307 Using AND-OR in Criteria
0308 Multiple AND and OR Example 2
0309 Parameter Queries
0310 Wild Card Operators
0311 Like and Not Like Operator
0312 And Operator
0313 Or Operator
0314 In and Not In Operator
0315 Basic Calculated field
0316 Using Date in Operators in calculation
0401 Introduction
0402 Modifying the Report
0403 Working with Controls, Report and Layout Views
0404 Report Using Parameter Query in combination
0501 Introduction
0502 Creating a Form with the Form Table
0503 Creating a Form with the Wizard From Table
0504 Basic Formatting and Editing of layout
0601 Using the Lookup Wizard
0602 Setup Lookups Without the Wizard
0603 Lookup Wizard Example 2
0604 Advanced Sorting
0605 Advanced Filter_Filter by Form
0606 RDBMS between multiple Table 1
0607 RDBMS between multiple Table 2
0608 Printing RDBMS between multiple Tables
0609 Create Linking table in different access as backhand data
0701 RDBMS Between tables
0702 Primary Key
0703 Join Types in RDBMS
0704 Temporary Relationship between Tables
0705 Permanent Relationship between Tables
0706 Unmatch Query Wizard
0707 Unmatch Query Using Query
0708 IIF Calculated fields
0709 Using TOP queries
0710 Using TOTAL Queries (GroupBy)
0711 Cross Tab Action Query
0712 Make Table Action Query
0713 Update Table Action Query
0714 Delete Action Query
0715 Append Table Action Query
0716 Summary of all action Query in one process
0717 RDBMS used for calculative field
0718 Yearly Report using RDBMS with Parameter query
0719 Unmatch Query Wizard
0720 Unmatch Query Design
0801 Using Report Wizard
0802 Grouping Options and Summary Option 1
0803 Grouping Options and Summary Option 2
0804 Grouping Options and Summary Option 3
0901 Add a Combo Box to Our Orders form
0902 Setting the TAB Order and Using TAB Controls
0903 Add a Subform
0904 Change a Textbox into a ComboBox
0905 Creating and Using Button Controls
1001 Introduction to Macro
1002 Creating Simple Macro
1003 Assigning Macro To Button
1004 Building Macro Under Event
1005 Macro to Open Report for Printing
1006 Change tab Setting of MS Access