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Learn MS Outlook Tutorials Course

Apane trainer dost ko jaanie:

  • Name: Mr. Rishabh Pugalia
  • Profession: Chartered Accountant
  • Has worked for KPMG (Audit), J.P. Morgan (Investment Banking & Research), Futures First (STIR F&O)
  • 4.0 years of work experience in the area of Audit, Investment Banking & Proprietary trading
    • Program Director & Training Instructor – Advanced Excel, Advanced PowerPoint, Financial Modeling, VBA Macros
    • 7.0 years of work experience in Corporate Training, eLearning Content Development
    • Under him, He has trained more than 12,000 professionals across 14+ cities
    • Successfully completed six-weeks Analyst training program of Adkins Matchett & Toy
    • Conducted CPE seminars for Chartered Accountants – Kolkata, Mumbai, Jodhpur

Course Sample video

Table of Content

0101 Outlook – An Introduction
0201 Navigating across your workspace #1
0202 Navigating across your workspace #2
0203 Enabling Conversation View (like Gmail)
0204 Prioritize your emails using Custom views
0205 Display Mailbox Quota in Status Bar
0206 Add Back and Forward buttons to toggle between windows accessed
0207 Using “Split” button to read lengthy emails
0208 Tracking Tasks via “Post-it” notes
0209 Color Format your emails based on Conditions
0301 Finding Contacts efficiently #1
0302 Finding Contacts efficiently #2
0303 Export Contacts to an Excel file
0304 Saving a Contact from an email
0305 Scenario: Forwarding emails to select people group
0401 Sending Emails – Shortcuts #1
0402 Sending Emails – Shortcuts #2
0403 Read Receipt and Delivery Receipt settings
0404 Efficient email subject lines
0405 Using Thesaurus to rephrase existing words
0407 Setting Text Styles to save email formatting time #1
0406 Setting Text Styles to save email formatting time #2
0408 Segmenting your email using Horizontal line
0409 Email Signature
0410 Using Tables in email
0411 Clever Paragraph trick
0415 Quick Parts – Create reusable text in emails
0412 Quick Steps Demo – Automate recurring tasks
0413 Quick Steps #1
0414 Quick Steps #2
0416 Creating Email Template (OFT)
0417 Using AutoCorrect Options
0418 Emailing Groups
0419 Delay email sending
0420 Schedule an email for future delivery
0501 Search Folder – Creating a Virtual folder for emails meeting user defined criteria
0502 Search Folder – FAQs
0503 Search email Basics – Criteria based Search
0504 Search email Advanced – Criteria based Search #1
0505 Search email Advanced – Criteria based Search #2
0506 Using Find feature in an open email
0601 Tasks cycle – Creation, Assigning, Tracking & Completion
0602 Export Tasks to an Excel file
0603 Using custom category (color marker) to prioritize tasks
0604 Create Recurring Tasks & Events
0605 Remove recurring appointments – all at once
0606 Assigning Task to Group with Responsible Person Name
0607 Task List: Different Views
0608 Calculation delay in task completion
0701 Organising your work through Calendar
0702 Create an Event or Appointment
0703 Email & Share Calendar
0704 Printing Calendar with Task List