Power BI with DAX – Beginner to Expert Course

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What is Power BI?

Power BI is the Big umbrella which has Power BI Components and a set of data visualization tools. We’ve Pivot Table and Pivot Chart in Excel that is a self-service data analysis tool then we have Power BI Desktop, Power Map, and Power View. it is not just a cloud-based tool for data analysis. Power BI is a combination of all the Components of Power BI and it is a Big Data Analytics tool which helps in Reporting.

Power BI & its Benefits:

1. It helps you create informative Dashboards
2. Integrates easily with existing Business Environment
3. Transforms your enterprise data into rich visuals
4. Informed Decision-making capabilities to Business Organizations
5. Publishes the Report securely

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Apane Power BI trainer dost ko jaanie:

  • Name: Mr. Rishabh Pugalia
  • Profession: Chartered Accountant
  • Has worked for KPMG (Audit), J.P. Morgan (Investment Banking & Research), Futures First (STIR F&O)
  • 4.0 years of work experience in the area of Audit, Investment Banking & Proprietary trading
    • Program Director & Training Instructor – Advanced Excel Course, Advanced PowerPoint, Financial Modeling, VBA Macros
    • 7.0 years of work experience in Corporate Training, eLearning Content Development
    • Under him, He has trained more than 12,000 professionals across 14+ cities
    • Successfully completed six-weeks Analyst training program of Adkins Matchett & Toy
    • Conducted CPE seminars for Chartered Accountants – Kolkata, Mumbai, Jodhpur

Course Curriculum

0101 Understanding the PBI Dashboard (Output)
0102 What is the Data (Input) & How to Import it in PBI
0103 How to create Slicer and Format it?
0104 How to create Pie Chart & Doughnut Chart?
0105 How to create PBI Visual called Cards?
0106 How to create an Average Line in a Column Chart?
0107 How to create a Horizontal Bar Chart with Filter Option of Top 5?
0108 What is Edit Interaction feature and why is it important?
0201 How to download Power Query add-in for Excel 2010-2013?
0202 How to access Power Query and how does it look like?
0203 How to change Data Type & Why is it important?
0204 How to Remove Columns and then bring it back?
0205 What is “Use First Row as Headers”?
0206 How to Remove Duplicate or Blank Rows?
0207 How to Split Column in 10 different ways?
0208 What is Group By feature?
0209 How to Replace Values?
0210 How to fill blank rows from values above?
0211 How to Unpivot Columns (Cross Tab to Flat File)?
0212 Why is Transpose important and how to do it?
0213 Why is Pivot important and how to do it?
0214 5 ways to format your text
0215 What is Column Profiling feature?
0216 How to add an Index Column (Serial No.)?
0217 What is Column from Examples?
0218 How to add a Conditional Column (IF)?
0219 How to add a AND / OR logics in a Conditional Column?
0220 What is M-Query and how to get a list of all the M-Query Commands?
0221 What is Advanced Editor?
0222 How to update Query Source?
0223 Power Query is Case Sensitive
0301 How to analyse a HR Survey data from Google Forms?
0302 How to analyse data of Expense Allowance from a CrossTab?
0303 How to allocate Revenues to Analysts from an Unstructured Data?
0304 How to automate Budget vs Actual Reports?
0305 How to automate Mutual Fund NAV updation?
0401 How to Duplicate or Rename Queries?
0402 How is Merge Queries different than Append Queries?
0403 What are JOIN Types in Merge Queries?
0404 Merge Queries with Join Type – Part 1
0405 Merge Queries with Join Type – Part 2
0406 Merge Queries with Join Type – Part 3
0407 Merge Queries with Join Type – Part 4
0408 Merge Queries with Join Type – Part 5
0409 Merge Queries with Join Type – Part 6
0410 Data Modeling vs Merge Queries
0501 What is Initial Filter Context
0502 What is Row Context?
0503 What is Filter Context?
0504 What is Evaluation Context?
0505 What are Dimensions and Measures?
0506 What is the difference between Implicit vs Explicit Measures?
0507 What is the difference between Scalar Value and Table?
0508 Why  do we need DAX?
0509 SUM vs SUMX
0510 What is Date Table and Why is it important?
0511 How to create Date Table using CALENDAR and DATE?
0512 How to create Date Table using CALENDARAUTO?
0513 How to create Date Table using CALENDAR, MAXX and MINX?
0514 What is CALCULATE?
0526 IF
0529 Running Total
0601 Table Relationships
0602 One-to-Many Relationships
0603 Why is removing duplicates important?
0701 Edit Interactions
0702 Publish your Work
0703 Ask a Question
0704 Accessing data from the Web
0705 Conditional Formatting
0706 Working with Maps
0707 Custom Visuals
0708 New Features