Create a Pie Chart in Excel | Pie Chart

Create a Pie Chart | Excel Pie Chart

A Pie Chart is a circle cut into different part or slices. Each part or slices of the circle represents a part of data. Pie Charts are excellent while comparing data for single series. It is a graphical representation used for presenting single series data into worksheet. The Pie Charts are expressed in the form of percentage.

Pie Chart is also known as Circular Graph. Pie Charts displays Percentage of whole. The Entire Pie is 100% and the slices or the portion are the part in which these Slices are cut. Pie Charts are the most commonly used Charts in Excel. Pie charts represent large amount of data in a small chart.

Pie charts are difficult when we have to draw them by hand. The tricky percentage makes it difficult to draw by hand, Excel makes it easier to draw. There should few slices or part in the Pie Chart. If there are too many slices it is advisable to use Column chart. There are five different types of Pie Chart available which are as follow Pie, Pie of Pie, Bar of Pie, 3-D Pie, Doughnut.

Tip: Never use Pie Charts while comparing anything.

Advantage of Pie Charts

1. Large amount of information can be displayed: Pie Charts display large amount of data into a small Pie chart. This quality of Pie Charts make it more effective to be used.

2. Immediate Analysis: With the help of the Pie Charts, Analyzing data becomes quite easier. A quick comparison of data can be made. And so easy decision can also be done.

3. Less additional explanation: Few charts interpret lot of information into the Graph. That makes it very difficult to read the graph. Pie charts clearly shows limited amount of information and that makes it easy to read and understand.

4. Different types of representation: With the help of Variety of options available in Pie Charts you can represent your data in different formats. Each format will give your data a new look or visualization.

Let’s see on how you can create Pie chart in your spreadsheet:

Step 1: Select the range of cells. Here we have selected the range A1:B6

Pie Chart - Data

Step 2: Click on the Insert Tab > Chart group > Click on Pie Chart

Pie Chart - pie Charts

Step 3: In the drop down menu of Pie Chart, Select chart of your choice. Here Pie chart is selected from the various options available.

Pie Chart - More pie Charts

Step 4: The pie chart is inserted in the spreadsheet.

Pie Chart - 2D Pie

Step 5: Click on Pie Chart and then Click on slice to drag it away to center

Pie Chart - one slice

After you have created the Pie charts you can format or design the Pie Charts. Change the Chart style, Change the color of the Pie Charts, Quickly change the Layout, Add or remove the elements, Change Chart range, Switch between row and column and many more in the Chart tools option.

Note: Pie Charts need the least information while its making. It provides instant analysis of the data.

How to Change Chart type in Excel?

Step 1: Select Chart then Click on Design tab >> Select Change Chart Type in Type group

Pie Chart - Change Chart type

Step 2: Select chart of your choice Here I am select 3D-Pie Charts

Pie Chart - 3D Pie Charts

Step 3: Click on OK and see Result

Pie Chart - 3D

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