Data Formatting in Excel

What is data formatting in Excel?

Excel provides us with several formatting tool that will give a better view to our data. Data formatting depends upon the purpose of your data, elements in the data and much more. Data formatting enhances the visual appearance of our worksheet. While formatting data you can add color, change font, apply styles, etc.

The home ribbon helps us to format our data so that it can be presented in a presentable form. The techniques will help us to make the data presentable. Various techniques that can be used are as follow:


Data Formatting


Font Style: There are different types of font styles. Select the style you see your data more preferable. 

Font Type: Whether we want our heading to appear bold italic or in underlined form. You can choose any of the font type to present data.

Background: You can change the background of your table to differentiate it from the header and the rest of the table content.

Font Color: The color of your font can also be selected to make your data more presentable. 

Alignments: This technique will allow our text to align in the manner we want. There are three types of alignments Right alignment, left alignment, middle alignment. 

Borders: Borders add outlines to the table. It helps to differentiate in the table when you have to print the data. 

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