Drop down list in Excel in 30 Seconds

How to Create Drop Down list in Excel

Drop down list in Excel is a very effective function is Excel. With this function you let people only letter the thing that you want to be entered into the cell. Drop down list is actually a tiny window where you pick into data that you have constructed.  This can be created by using the data validation function in the data tab. This function was introduced in the year 2003.

? Advantages of Drop Down Menu

The advantages of drop down list in Excel are:

1: If people want to type in the drop down menu and you type the selling wrong it will show invalid entry.

2: It helps people not to type in the cell.

3: You can enter anything in the drop down menu depending upon the criteria. You can enter number, text, etc. of your choice.

? Steps to Create Drop Down list in Excel

Step 1: Go to the DATA tab.

Step 2: Data validation dialog box will open that will ask you to select the validation criteria.

Step 3: Click on the List from the drop-down arrow key. Press OK.

Step 4: Select the source from where you want to add to the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Click Ok and the drop-down menu will be created.

Note: When you enter in the source you can either type the list once or you can just select the cells. Typing would take a lot of your efforts and time. So it is convenient to select the cells that you want to enter in the drop-down menu.

? Drop Down list in Multiple Cells

You can add Drop down menu to multiple cells in the worksheet. Instead of selecting a single cell we will select a range of cells. You need to hold the Shift key while selecting the cells.

Note: We must note that the drop-down menu will be visible only when the cell is active.

? How to Work with Drop Down List After you Make it

After we have created a drop down menu we must see to it that it works properly. We must see that the cell is wide enough to show all the entries.

? Add OR Remove Drop Down list in Excel

After you have created a drop down list you might require adding or removing an item from the drop-down menu. This can be done with the help of the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Data tab.

Step 2: Click on Data Validation.

Step 3: In the source tab, delete or edit the item from the list and press OK.


If we want to delete both the drop-down menu and the cell value you select the cell and click on clear all button and press ok.

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? Conclusion

The drop down menu is helpful for users to enter item from the list only rather than typing completely. This helps to save the time of typing and even impress the other users as their efforts are made less.

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