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Excel Charts

Excel Charts are termed as Graph in Microsoft Excel. It is a visual representation of data that has a large set of data and it is difficult to read or understand such data. Well, Charts in Excel help us to view large set of data into a chart with variety of charts option available. Charts are easy to read and easy to understand.

Let’s see how this Charts are created in Excel.

Create a Chart – Excel Charts

Steps to create chart in Excel are:

Step 1Select the Data set. Here we have selected A1:D6

Excel Charts - Data Selection

Step 2: Go to the Insert Tab and then in the Chart group, Select Column Chart.

Excel Charts - Column Chart

Step 3: Click on Clustered Column Chart & Change Chart Title to Mark Scored

Excel Charts - Clustered Column Chart

Change Chart Type – Excel Charts

You can easily the chart type at any time. You need to follow the simple steps to change the Chart type if you did not find the Existing chart easy to understand.

Step 1Select the Chart. Here we want to change our chart from Column chart to Line Chart with Markers

Excel Charts - Clustered Column Chart

Step 2Go to the Design tab, in the Type group, Select Change Chart Type.

Excel Charts - Change Chart type

Step 3Change Chart Type dialog box, Click on Line with Markers. (You see two options to display your chart. Select any of your choice.)

Excel Charts - line Charts


Step 4Click on OK. A Chart with Line marker can be seen. You can change as many number of time the chart type.

Excel Charts - line Chart with Markers

Switch Row/Column – Excel Charts

You can change your display on the horizontal axis of the Chart. You simply have to execute the following steps to change the display on the horizontal axis:

Step 1: Select the Chart. Go to the Design tab, Data group, Click on Switch Row/Column

Excel Charts - switch Row and Columns

Step 2: You see your Chart now displays the students name instead of Subject name.

Excel Charts - switch Row and Columns 2.

Legend Position – Excel Charts

Legend key are directly linked with the Chart. Each individual element in the Chart is legend key. The Legend Position refers to place where the legend of each element is positioned. The legend is located to the right of the chart with a plus sign in Green color. Here we move the Legend Position to the top of the chart.

You can change the Legend Position with the help of the following steps:

Step 1: Select the chart. Click on the “+” Plus Sign that is located to the right of the chart.

Excel Charts - legend position

Step 2: A display of Chart element is seen. Hover over the Legend Element and click on the arrow next to the Legend.

Excel Charts - Chart Elements

Step 3: Click on Top

Excel Charts - legend Top

You see that the Legend keys are shifted to the top of the chart. Here are legend keys are the name of the students.

Excel Charts - legend position Chart

Data labels – Excel Charts

The Data Labels in the Chart are the information in the line item. Labels are integral part of our report. Data labels are used when we want to give specific attention on a single data point. We have change our chart type from Line to Column to Explain you more clearly regarding data labels.

Steps to Show where you want to see Data Labels are as follows:

Step 1: Click on the Chart. Click on the “+” sign to the right of the chart.

Excel Charts - Data labels

Step 2: Chart element dialog box pops up. Put a tick on Data Labels.

Excel Charts - Data labels Select

Step 3: Hover over the data label and click on the arrow. Select Center

Excel Charts - Data labels Center

What do you see? You see that Data labels is assigned to all the data at the center of the column chart.

Excel Charts - Data labels Chart

If you want to put label to one selected data you can do that by selecting the particular data in the chart and the follow the steps as explained above. Click here to download Excel Charts practice file

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