Excel Custom Sorting

Hello Everyone, In this tutorial I will be teaching you How to Sort Data as per your own Custom List in Excel with the help of a question given below:

Here I have a set of data which consists of sales amount in North, East, West, South Zones. Now I want that the Zones sequence should be in NEWS Format by sorting the Data List. So how can I sort my data as per my own Custom List?

To Sort Data as per your own Custom List you have to follow the steps given below:

1. Choose the Entire Data

2. Go to the Data tab and click on Sort Button

3. A Sort Panel will open now do the following things:

  1. In the Sort by Dropdown select the Zone option
  2. In the order, Dropdown select the Custom list option

4. Now a Custom List Panel will open

5. Create a New List as per the NEWS (North, East, West, South) Format in the list of entries

Note – Press Enter to a separate list of Entries

6. Click on Add and your Custom List will be created

7. Now click on OK

8. After clicking Ok a Sort Panel will be there mentioning the Order list so click on OK

9. Lastly your data list will be created.