Excel Delete Error Cells

In this table, you will find some error messages, such as #DIV/0!, #N/A!, #NAME? #REF! #VALUE! and so on. These error values display because of formula calculation error or uncorrected function condition.

So if you are looking to delete error cells in Excel then in this article I will be talking about Delete Error Cells.

How to Delete Error Cells in Excel?

To delete Error Cells in Excel follow the steps given below:

1. Choose the Data set

2. Press the Shortcut key Ctrl + G

3. A Go to Special Dialog box appears, click on the Special tab

4. Choose the Formula button

5. In the formula button deselect the Numbers, Text, and Logical Options

6. click on OK

Note – Focus on those formulas in which errors can be seen in the cells

7. Lastly delete all the selected error cells