Excel Formulas PDF

Excel Formulas PDF

MS Excel is the powerful Tool introduced by the Microsoft Office. It is being used by every person be it a housewife or a big corporate company. To make it easier to learn we have explained MS Excel in Hindi. MS Excel has had such a great impact because of its various inbuilt functions and the Excel formulas PDF that make our work easier. Excel Formula PDF is used to calculate the value of the cells. Excel function are the already inbuilt function in the Excel.

MS Excel in Hindi

Learning the Excel Formula is not a complicated task. Learning formula is made easy with the help of the Excel formulas PDF. MS Excel in Hindi provides you with Excel Formula PDF to increase your productivity while working with Excel.

Excel Formulas PDF explains you the formulas which are needed daily while working with Excel. Through this Excel formulas PDF you can make your base for working with Excel strong. The Excel formula will explain you formulas like AutoSum, AVERAGE, COUNT, IF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, YEAR, MONTH and many more. MS Excel in Hindi has more than 180+ Excel formulas which are explained to you in Excel Formulas PDF.  These Excel formula are grouped by Excel function.

MS Excel in Hindi explains how you can extract and manipulate the Excel Formulas to get the desired result. The basic of MS Excel formula is that it always starts with an ‘=’ i.e. equal to sign. Then we enter the name of the formula and the arguments required to meet the criteria. Excel Formulas PDF gives you a series or list of formula which is explained MS Excel in Hindi.

Tip: The Excel formula are written in uppercase only.

Tip: To check whether the Excel formula has been entered correctly you need to check for the curly brackets around the formula in the formula bar.

Excel Formulas are life saviors. The Excel Formulas PDF are a must to have if you were always wishing on becoming an Excel Superstar. You can discover a lot more about Excel formulas in MS Excel in Hindi.

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