Excel Fuzzy Lookup Add-in

In this tutorial, I will be talking about Microsoft Add-in, called Fuzzy Lookup Add-In for Excel, to Map the data in your Excel Table.

So to understand this Add-In, I will be showing you the example and how does it work in Excel


There are two tables given in which the left-hand side table includes the name of clients and amount column and the right-hand side table consists of the customer name column in which there is a spelling error

1. So let us understand that on the left-hand side there is a table in which the name appears like this The Mysore Paper Mills Ltd, Katha Medical India Ltd, and Apeejay Business Centre.

2. Now there is a chance that these names can be there in another sheet or table in which there is a spelling error like this Mysore Mill Paper, Katha M India and Apeejay Business Centre

3. But the problem appears that in the right-hand side table is that there should be an amount column, which is their n the left-hand side of the

Note – If you use VLOOKUP, it will not work because VLOOKUP always compare the entire cell from letter to letter

To solve the problem, I will be talking about how to download this Microsoft Free Add-In called Fuzzy Lookup Add-In for Excel and How to Work on this.

How to Download and Install Fuzzy Lookup Add-In for Excel?

To download this, Add-In in Excel follow the steps given below:

1. Firstly click here to go to the download page

2. Now scroll down, and there will be a download button

3. Click on the Download button
To install this Add-in in Excel, follow the steps given below:

1. Uninstall any previous versions of Fuzzy Lookup Add-In for Excel.

2. Run Setup.exe to install the add-in per-user.


3. Save Setup.exe, right-click Setup.exe, and Run as Administrator.

Note – When you are downloading the Add-in, you can see that there is information about the Add-in and it will work in which operating system

So after download and installing this Add-In Excel. Now I will show you how this Works in Excel

How does this Fuzzy Lookup Add-in Works in Excel?

1. Firstly, go and click on Fuzzy Lookup which is there in the upper left side

2. A small panel will open on the right-hand side of the table which is asking me about the Left Table and Right Table

3. Now one thing you must know in that the left-hand side table that it is the official table so what we will do is:

1. Go to Insert Tab and press on Table option


1. Choose the table and press Ctrl + T and press OK

Note – For the right-hand side of the table, we have to apply the same procedure used on the left-hand side of the table

4. Now, in the Fuzzy Lookup Table, choose the Left Table as Table 3 and Right Table as Table 4

Note – Whichever Table is bigger. I would suggest you put that table in Left Table, which as Table 3 and the smaller Table on the Right Side as Table 4

Now the thing is there is a header that tells us Client Name and Customer Name, so I will establish a relationship between them. So to do this

5. Click on this button, which is there in between the columns

Now one main important thing to work this Add-in in your Excel is the Similarity Threshold. If I drag the bar to the highest, which is 1 it means that it will show only that data which is matching 1 to 1

6. I will choose one cell, and I will move the Similarity Threshold cursor to lower, which is 0.21 and click on Go

7. I will see that in the original data from the first two columns, which is on the left and the best thing is that the Client Name is matching with the Customer Name, which means:

1. Mysore Paper Mills Limited is matched with Mysore Mill Paper

2. Apeejay Business Centre is matched with Apijay Business Centre

8. Now you will see that the other Client Name, which is Katha Mediatix India Limited, is not matched, so what I will do is:

1. Click on the Client Name cell

2. Move the Similarity Threshold cursor to quite lower, which is 0.14

3. Lastly, click on GO

Note – So you see, when I instantly lower the Similarity Threshold cursor, it goes into depth and maps the data