Excel Hidden Entry Data Form

Hello everyone in this tutorial I will be teaching about Hidden Entry Data Form in Excel with the help of a table

1. Firstly create a Table by pressing Ctrl + T Shortcut Key

2. Go to small drop down in the upper portion of the Excel and click on More Commands

3. Select All Command from the dropdown and press F letter key

4. Scroll down and click on Form Icon > Add

Note – Once you added the Form Button you will see on the right side of the panel

5. Click on OK

6. Now choose the table and click on Form button

7. After clicking on the Form button a Small Data Entry Form Panel will open

8. Fill the requirements which are given inside the Data Entry Form Panel and press enter

Note – If you want to make a new entry in the Data Entry Form then click on New on the right side of the panel and then fill the requirements

9. By this way we can use Hidden Entry Data Form in Excel