Excel Hyperlinked Shape

Hello everyone in this tutorial I will be showing you how to create a Hyperlinked Shape in Excel

To create a Hyperlinked Shape in Excel follow the steps given below:

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1. Firstly make a shape by clicking on Insert Tab

2. Click on Shapes button and click on Rectangle Shape

3. Place the cursor inside the Excel sheet to make a Rectangle shape

4. Right-click on the shape and select Edit Text option

Note – You can also edit the text and color the shape by clicking on Insert Tab

5. Write a simple message inside the shape for Example: “Click Here”

6. Click on the shape boundary and press the Shortcut Key Ctrl + K

Note – Select the shape boundary and then press Shortcut Key instead of selecting the text

7. Inside the Hyperlink Panel click on Place in this Document Section

8. Choose the Sheet Number which you want to link this Document

9. Press OK

10. Lastly, click on outside the cell to activate your Hyperlink Shape