How to use Len Function? | Len Formula

Len Function

Len function tutorial gives you an explanation regarding the string function. When working in the worksheet we need to know whether the characters inputted are up to the mark. Like suppose we want to enter pan card number it should consist of 10 characters including alphabets and numbers. To check whether the cell has 10 characters or no we use this function.  The characteristic that LEN function does is to return the length of the string.

Syntax of Len function

The Syntax for LEN function is simpler than the Left, Right and Mid function as Len function only needs 1 information. That one information is the text.

First let’s see the syntax of LEN function; =LEN(text) where Text refers to the cell you want to know how many characters that cell involves. NOTE: We must note that space entered in the cell will also be counted as one character.

Example of Len function

For example in the video we want to know how many characters do cell A4 which shows 4551218 in it. We will use the Syntax as =LEN(A4) and it will display 7. This means that the cell has 7 characters in it.

When you want to carry out this operation for a number of cells you need to drag the mouse for selecting it and press enter. You can see it in the video how you can carry this operation by saying a lot of time and efforts.


This function is very simple but extremely useful to us. This function takes your Left, Right and Mid function one step up. Here Number formatting is not included. It is a worksheet function and can be added as a part of formula.


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