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What will you Learn from Excel Macro Online Webinar
#1. My experience at Big Four firms - KPMG, PwC, EY, Deloitte
#2. Record & Run a Macros, VBA Workspace, Structure of a VBA Code
#3. The three magic words used for Google search to get ready-made codes & edit them
#4. Understanding use of Object, Properties, Methods and Variables
#5. Cell and Range Objects
#6. Creating loops with repeat counter to automate repetitive tasks
#7. Events & Button to trigger Macros
#8. Forms to create applications clients are ready to PAY for. E.g. Travel Booking
#9. User defined functions to create our own functions. E.g. Convert No. to Words
#10. Other concepts and way forward
#11. ***Bonus Giveaway ONLY for Webinar attendees

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 Ab Paytm Karo: +91 9833006521

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Excel VBA Macro

Only @ Rs. 99/- 

On 2nd Oct 2017 

Start at 11:00 am

2nd october webinar

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Why are Excel VBA Macros users in HUGE demand

Excel VBA Macro

Why MUST you learn Macros❓

Search ANY jobs sites for job roles related to “Excel Macros” or “VBA Specialist”. You will observe that majority of them are high paying roles. Even other roles from banking, finance and MIS reporting, describe “Excel Macros” as one of the preferred skill set. Excel Macros helps in these three areas:
#1: Speed
#2: Automation
#3: Career Progression (~ Promotion and more salary)


Then why do people not learn it❓

Because people have misplaced belief related to learning Excel Macros:
#1: Only a programmer can learn it.
#2: It’s difficult to learn.
#3: It’s boring.

All these are FALSE ???

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C.A. Rishabh Pugalia

Hello doston, thanks for joining us. Learn Excel in Hindi Mere Saath.

Main hoon Rishabh, apka Excel Dost Mera goal hai aapko – ExcelSuperstar banana. ???

My story

I am not a programmer. I must confess that I too had similar beliefs a few years back. I read books, watched videos, took paid courses – but none could motivate me to progress. However, after years of research and practice, I realized that people are getting this misplaced beliefs because their learning approach is wrong!

How to Start?
Learning any new skill is a journey. If it is followed in the best sequence, the learning is faster and you never lose motivation. If you pick up a book on Excel Macros and start learning from Chapter 1, you’ll be bored to death by the time you end that Chapter.

In the last 7 years, I have trained thousands of professionals from MNCs such as PwC, EY, Deloitte, Tata Group cos. and many more. From that experience, I have developed a practical sequence of learning VBA Macros. And I ll share that in my upcoming workshop.