Excel Paste Values to a Filtered List

In this tutorial, we will learn about How to Paste Values to a Filtered List with 2 things:

1. Common Values

2. From a list

1. Common Values

Assume that you have a table and you do the following things:

1. Choose the Entire Data

2. Apply the Filter by going to Data Tab > Filter Button

3. Select the Gurgaon City values from the City Column

Now what you have to do is you have to keep a Discount Percentage of 10% from all the Gurgaon City Values and apply it in the Discount Column. So here’s how you can do it:

1. Select the entire cells from the Discount Column

2. Write Discount Percentage as 10% and press Ctrl + Enter Shortcut Key

3. Remove the Filter

4. Lastly you will see only those cells with 10% Discount in all the Gurgaon City Values

2. From the List

Now here I have a second table and, I want that the first six values from the table should be applied in the Discount Column for all the Gurgaon city Values in the first table rather than a single Discount Percentage for all Gurgaon the City Values in the Discount Column. So here’s how you can do it:

1. Create a Serial Number at the start of the table

2. Enter number such as 1 and 2 and drag the number to the bottom of the table

3. Now apply the filter

4. Select the Gurgaon City from the City Column dropdown

5. Copy the Serial Number and paste into a different list

Now here we will be applying VLOOKUP Formula

6. Press =VLOOKUP and open the bracket =VLOOKUP(

Now here there 4 parameters (lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, match mode)

7. Select the Serial Number 4 as lookup_value and press comma (,) =VLOOKUP(A7,

8. Go to Next Sheet choose the entire table as table array and press F4

9. Write 2 for col_index_num and 0 for Exact match and close the bracket =VLOOKUP(A7, 2,0)

10. Press Enter and copy the values and drag it to the bottom

11. Lastly you will see that data is ready for all the values of Gurgaon City inside the table