Excel Pivot Table Group

Pivot Table is one of Excel most Powerful Features. So in this tutorial I will be showing you how to Group Pivot Table Items in Excel?

1. Create a Pivot Table by clicking on Insert Tab > Pivot Table

2. Add fields to the Pivot Table. Salary in the Row Field area and Division in the Column Field area

3. Group the Row Field Area by right-click anywhere in the Row Field area
and select group

4. Group Dialog Box appears enter 100000 in the By option

5. Group the data again by right-clicking in the Row Field area and select Group

6. In the group dialog box , change the starting at as 1 and Press Enter

7. Your data is grouped. Now drag the name field in the value field area to know grouping division wise

8. Drag the data of join field list to the Row Field area and age field list to the column field area

9. Right click anywhere in the Row Field area and Select Group

10. Months is selected as a Default option. Click OK

11. Again group the row field area by again right- clicking anywhere and select Group

12. Select years in the grouping dialog box. Our row data is grouped into years and months

13. Group the Column field area as well as by right click in the column field area and select group

14. In the grouping dialog box, entering starting age as 19 and end age as 53 by 10 as the difference

15. Drag the Name Field into the Value Field area

16. Go to the Design tab > Layout Group > in the Report layout drop down select Show in compact form

17. Lastly, you will see that your data is grouped into years and months.