Excel Pivot Table Webinar

Pivot Table Webinar
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What will you Learn from Pivot Table Webinar
#1. Customizing Your Pivot Table
#2. Value Field Settings >> Summarize Values by
#3. Value Field Settings >> Show Values as
#4. Pivot Table Grouping
#5. Pivot Table Sort
#6. Pivot Table Filter
#7. Pivot table Slicers
#8. How to Calculated fields & Items
#9. Pivot Charts
#10. Pivot table Conditional Formatting
#11 Pivot table Formula
#12. Bonus Tricks from Excel Superstar Guru on MS Office

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Pivot Table

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Why MUST you learn Pivot table❓

A Dashboard is a report which has three features:

#1: Interactivity
#2: One window view of what is happening
#3: Data Visualization

Pivot Table allows you to add all these three features. Hence, it is one of the easiest methods to create a Dashboard. A Dashboard is viewed by the Senior Management in the review meetings. Hence, learning Pivot Table becomes very important.


Then why do people not learn it❓

Users do not know what is a Pivot Table friendly data. They are unable to convert the raw data into a form through which they can easily create a Pivot Table. They get disappointed when they do not see the desired Dashboard. They leave their quest to learn and apply Pivot Table mid way.

All these are FALSE ???

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C.A. Rishabh Pugalia

Hello doston, thanks for joining us. Learn Excel in Hindi Mere Saath.

Main hoon Rishabh, apka Excel Dost Mera goal hai aapko – ExcelSuperstar banana. ???

My story

Every 3-4 months, I learn a new trick of Pivot Table which I had not seen before. All the tricks are super easy to learn and apply. However, when I show the reports to my clients, they believe I have done something really complex to make such interactive Pivot Table Dashboard. When I show them how I created the report in 3-5 mins, the look on their faces is priceless.

How to Start?
Learning any new skill is a journey. If it is followed in the best sequence, the learning is faster and you never lose motivation. If you pick up a book on Excel and start learning from Chapter 1, you’ll be bored to death by the time you end that Chapter.

In the last 7 years, I have trained thousands of professionals from MNCs such as PwC, EY, Deloitte, Tata Group cos. and many more. From that experience, I have developed a practical sequence of learning VBA Macros. And I ll share that in my upcoming workshop.

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Pivot Table Webinar

Before I put up what is going to be Covered in the Webinar, I want you to know, I’m really excited to share my Knowledge of Pivot Table with you guys. Pivot Table is one of the Best tools of Excel. It not only saves your heaps of hours but also helps you in creating dynamic Dashboards.

With Pivot Table you can Analyze thousands of rows of Data in Fraction of Seconds. It makes your life easier.  This Pivot Table Webinar, will help you learn about Excel Pivot Tables in an hour. It teaches you the ways to use Pivot Table Effectively for Analyzing your Marketing Data.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Excel.

As you already know there is no shortage of Awesome Content in Context to Excel. I’ve Picked the Best topic for you.

You might be brand new to Excel or an Excel Geek. Both are Perfect fits for Attending this Webinar. Pivot Table Webinar will give all the Tools, tips and tricks to skyrocket your Advanced Excel Skills in the Easiest Possible Manner.

So, here is a Complete detail about what you’ll learn Pivot table Webinar:

1. How to Customize your Pivot Table

A Step-by-Step guide where you’ll learn to Clean your Dataset, about Tabular Format, Formatting, Creating and Inserting a Pivot Table. How to use Field List and areas, how to sort Field List from A to Z.  How to Refresh Data, change the Data Source, how to Clear Filters and Pivot. How can we move a Pivot Table and what is Pivot Tables Styles?

Also, you’ll learn how to find out the Subtotals and Grand Totals. What is a Report Layout, how to use the Classic Pivot Table Layout, how to Expand and Collapse Buttons, to Move and Remove Field items, Show/hide Field list, how to do Number Formatting and field name Formatting, how to change Count of to SUM of? How to Format Empty Cells and Show Report Filter on Multiple Pages. How you can Keep Column Widths upon Refresh and how you can automatically Refresh a Pivot Table.

2. What is Value Field Settings > Summarize Values by?

Value Field Settings help you create Multiple Subtotals. To Count, Count Numbers, find Average, Maximum, Minimum, see all the Pivot items.

3. What is Value Field Settings > Summarize show As?

Here, you’ll learn How to find out the % of Grand Total & % of Total Column

4. How to do Grouping

In Grouping you’ll learn: how to group the Data by Date, Months, quarters and Years. How to Group by Text Fields, by time by Half Years and Custom Dates. What are the Errors when Grouping by Dates? How to group two Pivot Tables independently.

5. How to Sort

Learn Sorting in the Excel Pivot Table. Sort by Largest to smallest, sorting an item in a Row, how to Sort using a Custom List. Sort Row from A-Z and Sales from Z-A. Also, learn how to clear a Sort

6. How to Filter in Pivot table

After attending the Pivot Table Webinar, you’ll Be able to Filter by Date, by Values i.e. Top or Bottom 10 items, Top or Bottom % and even the Top or Bottom SUM. Not just this much, you’ll be able to Filter by Report Filter, Filter by Multiple Fields, Apply Multiple Filters, Filter by Multiple Values, Clear the Filters with one Click and add a Filter with one Click

7. What are Slicers in pivot Table

In this Pivot Table Webinar, learn to insert a Slicer, Slicer Styles, how to create a custom style, learn about Slicer Size and Properties, learn about Slicer Connections for Multiple Pivot Tables. Learn about the different ways by which you can filter a Slicer and also about how to use one Slicer for two Pivot Tables

8. How To Create Calculated Fields and Items

In the Calculated Fields and Items in Pivot Table, learn to Create a Calculated Field. How to use an existing Calculated Field in a new Calculation. Learn about Excel Formulas and Calculated Fields

9. What are Pivot Charts

Learn how to insert a Pivot Chart and a Slicer with a Pivot Chart, what are the Limitations of Pivot Charts and Workaround. What are Pivot Chart Designs, Layouts and Formats? How you can Put a Chart on a Separate page with F11 and the way to insert a Pivot Chart straight from the Data Source. How you can Print a Pivot Chart and Add Sparkline with your Pivot Table.

10. What is Conditional Formatting in pivot table

Get to know what Conditional Formatting in Pivot Tables is. How to highlight Cell Rules based on Values and a lot more

11. Know about the GETPIVOTDATA Formula

What is GETPIVOTDATA and how it can be used to provide a Custom Report?

You’ll learn all these things in this Pivot Table Webinar

Pivot Tables is the World’s Best Topic under Excel.

The Pivot Table Webinar will guide you about everything that you need to know about Pivot Tables.

If you’re looking for Practical, in-depth knowledge about Excel Pivot Tables then this Webinar is For You.

This Tutorial is set up to spread an awareness about the Various Sections and Topics that will be covered during the Excel Pivot Table Webinar.

Searching for the best tool to Summarize your Data? Nothing beats Excel Pivot Tables.

If you’re interested in the Topics then you’re at the right place.

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