Excel Round Formula

Hello Everyone In this tutorial we will be learning about Round Formula in Excel with the help of a question given below:


In this table, I have a number denominated as 476.9, which represents cement production in (tonne).

Now I have to make a lot of 50 tonnes of cement to transport the batch. So how many tonnes I have to transport to complete a lot?


So to calculate the lots of tonnes which have to be transported we will be using ROUNDDOWN Formula

Note – You can also calculate the lots of tonnes using ROUNDUP Formula

Follow the steps given below in order to calculate it:

1. Press = ROUNDDOWN and open the bracket =ROUNDDOWN()

2. Choose the Cement (tonne) cell =ROUNDDOWN(A5)

3. Divide the cell by 50 and after that press comma (,) =ROUNDDOWN(A5/50)

4. Write 0 and close the bracket =ROUNDDOWN(A5/50,0)

5. Multiply from the same number from which you have divided the cell

6. Press Enter

7. Your answer will be 450 means you can transport 450 lots of tonne and the remaining 26.9 lots of tonne you can send in the next transport

Note – You can divide this by any number to calculate it

1. Take the Formula =ROUNDDOWN(A5/50,0)*50

2. Replace the number from 50 to 0.5 =ROUNDDOWN(A5/0.5,0)*0.5

3. Lastly press Enter and you will get your answer as 476.5 which means you can send 476.5 lots of tonne