Excel Sheet Hide and Unhide

In this tutorial, we will learn about How to Hide a Sheet So That No One Can Easily Unhide in Excel. So follow the steps given below to hide a Sheet in Excel:

1. Right-click on Sheet 3 and click on the View Code option

A Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Panel will open. Now there will be many windows, but the most relevant windows are:

1. Project – It means the number of workbooks which are opened and the number of sheets opened inside the workbook will be seen in this window

2. Properties – It means the different properties of every sheet will be seen in this window

2. By chance, if both the windows are not activated, then you can activate by clicking on View tab > Press the shortcut keys for both the windows

3. In Project Window under the Exercise Sheet 4 Filename, click on Sheet 3

4. Now in Properties Window. Click on the visible option, and inside the dropdown, click on the SheetVeryHidden option

5. Close the Panel

6. Lastly, right-click on the sheet, and you will see that the Unhide option is disabled for Sheet 3

Now, if you want to enable the Unhide option to make it visible, then all you have to do is:

7. Right-click on the sheet and click on the View Code option

8. Click on Sheet 3 inside the Project Window

9. Click on Visible dropdown under Properties window and click on SheetVisible option to enable the Unhide option

10. Lastly, your Unhide option will be enabled in Excel