Excel Shortcut: Ctrl + Enter in Excel

Excel Shortcut Keys are time-saver in order to make your work done within a minute but many people don’t know how to apply it. So in this tutorial, I will be showing you an amazing shortcut key in order to autofill the cells with a common value in Excel


Now let us understand that in all the cells you have to write a text called “Accepted” which means all the data should be named as “Accepted”. So to write the text I have one simple and amazing trick which I use every time that is:

Excel Shortcut keys: Ctrl + Enter

Step 1: Choose the first 3 cells
Step 2: Press Ctrl

Step 3: Choose the last 3 cells

Step 4: Write the text “Accepted”
Step 5: Press Ctrl + Enter
Step 6: Lastly, you can see the cells which you have chosen has filled with the text called “Accepted”


So learn and practice this amazing shortcut key called Ctrl + E in Excel in order to autofill the cells with a common value. Also if you have any doubt while applying this shortcut key then do comment below. I will be glad to help you out