Excel Spin Button Function

Hello Everyone In this tutorial I will be showing you How to Create a Spin Button in Excel.

So to create a Spin Button in Excel you have to first activate the Developer Tab in your Excel Version by following the steps are given below:

For Microsoft Version 2010, 2013, 2016

1. Click on File Menu

2. Click on Options

3. An Excel Options Panel will open

4. Click on Customize Ribbon on the left-side of the panel

5. Now tick on the developer checkbox on the right-ide of the panel

6. Press OK and your developer tab will be activated

7. Now once the Developer Tab has been activated click on Insert Button under the Developer Tab

8. Under the Form Controls section and click on the Spin button which is in the first row

9. After clicking, place the cursor anywhere inside the Excel and it will take it as a button

10. Now the button is empty so you have to configure or format the button by following the steps given below:

1. Right-click on the button and select the Format Control option

2. A Format Control Panel will open, go to Control Section

3. Under the control, section choose the cell link which means the cell you want to link so that the numbers should be up or down whenever pressing the button

4. Now make sure that you apply the following things

  • Minimum Value – 0
  • Maximum Value – 150
  • Incremental Change – 1

5. Lastly, click on OK

So you will see that you have created Spin Button in Excel