How to use Value function in Excel

Value Function in Excel

Value function tutorial will give you explanation converting text data into number data. The value function is an in-built function in Excel. It is used as a worksheet function because it is used for the calculation in worksheet. This function too was introduced in the year 2000.

Normally text function is converted into numeric function so we did not utilize this function more. However when there is any text data we come to know because it will show a green mark in the cell.

Syntax of Value function

The Syntax used for Value function in Excel is =VALUE(text) where text refers to the text value that needs to be converted into number. The syntax requires only 1 input. So the formula becomes easy to remember.

Example of Value function

Example of Value function is explained in the video. How you convert text into numeric value. You can convert text that appears in the recognized format like date or time format.


This tutorial is only used when text numbers are not converted into numeric numbers. This is a simple function but the most powerful function as this function can make a huge difference in the total. You can get Wrong totals, create loss and many problems can arise. So this function is utmost important while carrying out worksheet function.


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