Using Format Painter continuously

How to use Format Painter in Excel Continuously?

Sometimes multiple formatting changes are required in the worksheet. This can be time-consuming. Excel can provide an effective way of dealing with it. So the tool to be used to speed things with formatting is Format Painter. Let us go in detail regarding Format Painter in Excel:

  • What is Format Painter in Excel?
  • How does the Format Painter work in Excel?
  • Where do you find  Format Painter in Excel?

? What is Format Painter in Excel?

Format Painter is a very effective and powerful tool used for copying formats from one cell to another to ensure that the documents have a uniform or similar formatting. 

This tool was introduced in the year 2010. If there is a cell with some specific font style, specific background color, and copy formatting to other cells you use Format Painter. It is one of the most underused functions in Excel.

? How does the Format Painter work?

The format painter works when you select a particular cell, click on the Format Painter and then click on the cell you want to copy the formatting. It will copy font style, size, color everything.

Steps to use Format Painter for a single cell are as follow: 

Step 1: Select the cell that contains the formatting you want to apply.

Step 2: Click on the Home tab > Clipboard group > Format Painter. 

Step 3: Select the cell where you want to copy the formatting cell

The above procedure is followed when you want to copy formatting to a single cell only. When you click Format Painter only once it will escape after you have used it once.

Steps to use Format Painter more than once in the worksheet: 

Step 1: Select the cell that you want to copy the formatting of.

Step 2: “DOUBLE CLICK” the mouse on the format painter option.

Step 3: Select the cell where you want to paste the formatting.

Double clicking on the format Painter will copy the same formatting to the cells. You simply need to select and the formatting will be applied. This is making our process of formatting quick and save a lot of time and hard work.

? Points to Remember:

  • Unless and until you press Esc button from the keyboard formatting won’t b deactivated.
  • Esc button acts as a stop button for using Format Painter.
  • You cannot copy the width of the row or column that is merged.

? Where do you find Format Painter in Excel?

The Format Painter button is found in the Home tab > Clipboard group. As you click on the format painter you will see brush type of icon with the cursor, Click on the cell you want to copy. The cell selected will be seen with a dotted border around the cell.

The Excel shortcut key to use Format Painter is ALT + H + F + P. It will be very irritating to press this several times when you want to format more than once in the workbook.

The other shortcut key is press CTRL + SHIFT + C to copy the formatting of the cell.

And then press CTRL + SHIT+ V where you want to paste the formatting.

? Conclusion: 

Now you know how to use format Painter. It can’t get simple than this. It saves time and efforts of the users.

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