Format Painter in Excel

Format Painter in Excel

This tutorial will give you a detail regarding the tool that will help you to speed up the manual formatting. Format painter in Excel is used to copy formatting from one group of cells to another. It is easy and quick way to apply formatting rather than selecting the font, size alignment, color, etc. If you have a cell with some specific font style, specific background and you want to copy that formatting to some other cell you can use format painter in Excel.

Where is the Format Painter in Excel? | एक्सेल में प्रारूप पेंटर कहां है?

The format painter button is in the Home TAB > Clipboard group > format painter.

You can also select this function with the help of keyboard by going through the following steps:

Press Alt > Press H > Press FP. Or

Press Alt > Press H > navigation key.

How to Use Format Painter in Excel? | Excel में स्वरूप पेंटर का उपयोग कैसे करें?

Step 1: Select the cell or picture or text that you want to format.

Step 2: Click home, click on Format painter in the clipboard group.

Step 3: After the pointer changes to brush, click and drag to select the text, picture or cell you want to format and then release the mouse.

Using Format Painter Multiple Items | प्रारूप पेंटर एकाधिक आइटम का उपयोग करना

We can use format painter multiple number of times in the spreadsheet. The same procedure needs to be followed. Just when you click on the format painter you need to double click it.

Copy Full Column using Format Painter

You can also select the entire column formatting and paste it to the other cell. You select the entire column > click on format painter > click on column header. You format painter will be applied.

Example of Format Painter in Excel

The video shows a table that has a variety of format applied. The header has a grey background and bold font type. I have the same data to the left so I choose the entire table by pressing Ctrl + A to select the entire table. Click on the Format painter and without leaving the mouse click on the data you want to apply formatting to. Leave the mouse and the format painter will apply the same format as it is applied to the right table.


Format Painter can save a lot of your time and efforts. Now you know how to use the format painter so you can easily use to copy and apply formatting from one section to another in a single click.