How to use Freeze Panes?

This tutorial will explain to us regarding freeze panes in Excel. When we have a lot of data working with it is difficult to compare information in the workbook. Excel includes several tools to make it easier to view the content and Freeze Panes is one of the functions.

When we scroll down we see that the header will disappear from the screen. To avoid such we freeze the panes so that we can compare the data and even understand it. The same when we scroll the spreadsheet horizontally the name of the company disappears so to avoid such we freeze the column.

How to Freeze Top Row in Excel?

The Freeze panes in Excel provides us with three functions. Freeze Top Row in excel is one of the functions of Freeze Panes.

Here the topmost row of the Excel spreadsheet is freeze. That is Row 1 is freeze and now if you move your spreadsheet down the top row won’t move and you can see it at the top of the screen. However, it is not always necessary that the header will be the first row of the spreadsheet. So this function won’t be of that use when you don’t have a header on the first row.

Keep in mind that if you want to freeze the first row you need to select the second row and select freeze.

How to Freeze first Columns in Excel?

If you want to freeze just the first column in Excel then you can select this function. Selecting this command will freeze your first column and now you are able to move horizontally in the excel spreadsheet.

Keep in mind that if you want to freeze the first column you need to select the second column and select freeze.

How to Freeze both Column and Row Together?

If you want to freeze both row and column, you need to freeze them at the same time. Suppose you want to free the top two rows in the spreadsheet then you need to select A3 and select freeze pane. And you want to even freeze the first column then you need to select column B and select freeze pane. In this way, you will freeze both rows and columns at the same time.

Keep in mind that while freezing both the row and column you need to select the cell which intersects both the row and column and click of freeze pane. This is the most used function other than the two i.e. freeze top row and freezes the first column.

How to You Unfreeze the Freeze Panes in Excel?

To unfreeze pane you need to go to the Freeze Panes and select unfreeze. This will unfreeze all the panes that you had freeze earlier. This will make your data look as it used to before applying freeze panes.

Where do you find the Freeze panes function in Excel?

The freeze pane function is found in the VIEW tab > Window group > freeze tab. As you click on the drop-down menu you will find three options to freeze pane. Select the option and your row or column will freeze.

Excel Shortcut keys for Freeze Panes

There is no specific shortcut to freeze pane. But you can freeze the pane with the help of the keyboard by carrying out the following steps:

Step 1: Press Alt to activate the tab menu.

Step 2: Press W to open the view ribbon.

Step 3: Press F to open the freeze pane drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select the option and press Enter.


We must note that freezing panes won’t have any effect while printing the workbook. It is just used for viewing in the worksheet. Hence with the help of this function scrolling becomes easier and the view of data is also proper. The video clearly shows how helpful this function is when we have a large number of tables spread in the spreadsheet.