Frequency Distribution in Excel | Excel Pivot table

Frequency Distribution

You saw how you can group pivot table items, how you create Multi-level Pivot Table. This tutorial will show how you use frequency distribution in Excel. Frequency distribution is a counting of how many times numbers occur when you group them together. In order to create Histogram you need to have Analysis Toolpak installed in your computer.

Steps To create Frequency distribution in Excel is as follow:

Step 1: Insert a Pivot Table

Step 2: Drag the fields to the fields to the field area.

              Drag salary to the row field area.

              Drag salary or any other field to the value field area.

Note: We have taken salary in the value field area.

Frequency distribution - Salary Example

Step 3: Right Click anywhere in the value field area and go the Value Field Setting.

Frequency distribution - Value field Settings

Step 4: Value Field setting dialog box appears. In the Summarize value by tab select Count.

Frequency distribution - Value field Settings Count

Step 5: Click Ok

Frequency distribution - Value field Settings Count solutions

Step 6: Now, Right Click anywhere in the row field area and select GroupIn the grouping dialog box type the value you want to start grouping with and type the end value of grouping as well. Also select by what difference you want to group value.

Frequency distribution - Grouping

Here, we what to start grouping by 10000 and end grouping at 100000 with 100000 grouping difference.

Step 7: Click OK. Our Pivot table chart is ready with the frequency distribution in Excel.

Frequency distribution - Salary Grouping

Step 8: In order to compare this Pivot table we will create a chart.

Step 9: Click on Pivot table in the Insert Tab, Charts groupThe Insert Chart dialog box appears.

Frequency distribution - Pivot Chart

Step 10: Click Ok

Frequency distribution

Note: Excel provides us with Frequency function with which you can use arrays to create frequency distribution

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