Excel Horizontal Sort – Re arrange columns

Be careful when using this feature. Sorting by one column in a range may produce results that you don’t want, such as moving cells in that column away from other cells in the same row

Hello Everyone In this tutorial I will be teaching you How to Re-arrange Columns easily in Horizontal Way with the help of an example given below:


Many times you want to convert the system data in Tax Return or Government Filing to match the data. But the problem is the Columns which is executed from the system do not match as per the requirements of the Government.

So to match the Columns in the sequence form as per the requirements of the Government, I will be showing you How to Re-arrange Columns in Excel. Follow the steps given below to apply it:

1. Firstly, in the upper row mention the sequence in the form of numbers means that a column which you want to sequence from first to last

Note – This needs to be done only 1 time because every time when ERP comes with Data report then in that sequence you will get the same data at the end of the month

2. Choose the Table including the number cells

3. Click on Data Tab and click on Sort Button

4. A Sort Panel will open, click on Options Button

5. In the Options Button Panel click on “Sort left to right” option and click on OK

Note – Sort left to right option means rearranging the column from left to right as per the sequence

6. Now in the Sort Panel select the following things given below:

1. In the Sort by the option, the dropdown choose the Row number in which you have applied the sequence

2. In the Order, the dropdown selects the Smallest to Largest option to make the column as per the sequence listed as numbers.

7. Lastly click on OK and your columns will re-arrange easily in Excel