Insert Blank Row in Excel

Hello everyone in this tutorial I will be talking about How to Insert a blank row after every data row in Excel with the help of an Example given below:


There is a set of data given here in the Excel Sheet. Now, if you want to add a blank row after every row in Excel, then follow the steps given below:

1. Write “Sn” means Serial Number in the dummy column

2. In the “Sn” column write 1 and 2 and choose both the numbers

3. After choosing, go to the bottom of the chosen cell and double click it

4. You will see the Serial Numbers has been made and also it has been selected

5. Copy the list of Serial Numbers and paste it down in the blank cell

6. Choose the Entire Data along with both the Serial Numbers list

7. Go to Data Tab and click on Sort and open it

8. After opening do the following things given below:

1. Sort the Column by “Sn’ means Serial Number
2. Sort the Order from Smallest to largest

9. Click on “OK”

10. Lastly delete the Serial Numbers Column

11. Now you can see every added a blank row after every row in Excel. You can also beautify this column by applying Bold, Italic, or Border anything which you want to apply in your column.