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Line Chart in Excel

A line chart is a graph that shows series of points or trends connected by a straight line. Line charts is one of the chart used for graphical representation of data. We use Line Charts when we want to show a series of trends or time like days, months, years. The charts reveals the trends that might go unnoticed when these data is represented in row and column format.

Line charts distributes data Category data evenly on the X-Axis and numeric data evenly on the Y-Axis. It is advisable to use Line chart when your data has non-numeric values. While creating a Line Charts keep the following things in mind: Use the text labels to be displayed on the Horizontal axis, Use a Time Scale along the horizontal axis, Use small time intervals along the horizontal axis.

Advantage of Line Charts:

1. They are easy to read

2. Multiple sets of data can be viewed in a glance

3. They display data over time very well

There are seven different types of line charts that are used in Excel, they are as follows:

1. Line Chart

2. Stacked Line Chart

3. 100% Stacked Line Chart

4. Line with Markers Charts

5. Stacked Line with Markers Chart

6. 100% Stacked Line with Markers Chart

7. 3-D Line Chart

Tip: Don’t use line charts for categorical data

Steps to Create Line Chart in Excel:

Step 1: Select the data or Highlight the data that you want to create line chart for

line Chart - Data example

Step 2: Go to the Insert Tab > Chart Group > Click on Line Chart.

line Chart - insert tab select line chart

Step 3: From the drop down menu button, Click on Line with Markers Chart option.

line Chart - line with marker

Step 4: Line with Markers Chart will be displayed in the spreadsheet.

line Chart - line with marker chart

Note: If you add data to your spreadsheet, the chart may not be updated. You need to adjust the data range or convert your raw data into table.

After you have created a Line charts you can customized that Line charts as well. As Line charts is inserted you see that Chart Tools Option open in Excel. You can design and format your chart with the help of these tool option.

Change the color of the line Graph

Change the Graph Styles.

Resize the graph

Move the graph line

Change the Chart Title name.

Add Chart elements into the Line Charts.

Quickly Change the Chart Layout.

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