MAX function in Excel

Max function in Excel

How to use Max Function in Excel?

This tutorial will explain us about the use of Max function in Excel. Max function is used to find the maximum or the largest value in the cells. This function helps us to locate where the maximum data is located in the spreadsheet. In 2003 version only 30 arguments could be provided. However, in the 2007 version and later 255 arguments can be provided.

The syntax of Max Function in Excel

The formula to find the Max value in the spreadsheet is =MAX(number1, [number2]…) where number stands for the range of cells you want to find the maximum value of.

The Max function is an inbuilt function in Excel. It is categorized as the Statistical function in Excel. It is known as the worksheet function because it is used to carry out the operations in the worksheet.

Name Amount
John 14500
Chris 17000
Shaw 13700
Jordan 16000

In the above table, we need to find the Maximum amount that is paid to a person. To find this we will enter the Max formula in the empty cell and enter the range in that cell. We will get an answer as 17000.

Points to Remember:

To carry out Max function we must keep the following points in mind.

  • Max Formula ignores empty cells.
  • If the Max Function does not contain arguments than it will show the return value as 0.
  • Arguments must contain numbers or reference to numbers.
  • Max Function ignores logical values and True and False Values.

Where is the Max Function in Excel?

Max function is found at 2 places in the Ribbon.

The first place is in the Home tab ribbon > Editing group > Autosum dropdown > Select Max.

The second place is in the Formula tab ribbon > Functional Library > Statistical function > Select Max.


You have seen above how the Max formula works in the spreadsheet. It helps you to get the greatest return in the spreadsheet. The video will help you know more about its use in Excel.