MRound function – Round off numbers easily

MRound function in Excel

In this tutorial we are going to discuss about the important function which is called as MROUND FUNCTION IN EXCEL. Mround function returns a number rounded to a given multiple. The purpose of this function is to round to the nearest multiple. The M in the Mround function stands for multiple.

This function was introduced in the year 2007. If you sing previous version you won’t find this function in it. There are 15 rounding functions in MS Excel. MRound function is one of them.

The Syntax of Mround function is =MROUND (number, multiple) here, Number refers to the number or the cell that should be rounded off. Multiple refers to the multiple that should be used for rounding. (Nearest 10, nearest 100, etc.)

For example in the video we saw that we want 45678 to be rounded off. We round this function to the nearest 10. We use negative sign when we want to move to the left of the decimal. There we will have to write -1 (minus 1) in place of multiple, so that our number gets rounded off.

Important Notes:

1: MRound always rounds up away from zero.

2: The number and the multiple must have the same sign.

3: If you put zero in place of multiple, it will give you result as zero.

4: If you do not enter anything in the multiple it will show error.

Rounding Whether Up and Down

Whether to round the function up or down depends upon the result you obtain after dividing the number by the multiple. If this result is greater than or equal to half the value of the multiple arguments, the function rounds the last digit up (away from zero).

If this result is less than half the value of the multiple arguments, the function rounds the last digit down (towards zero).


The simplest and the easiest way to round a number whole or decimal is to use the Mround function.  You can also use Mround function to round off time values. This function is more or less similar to the Round function which was explained earlier.


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