Pivot Chart in Excel

Pivot Chart

Pivot chart are the visual representation of the Pivot table. Pivot table and charts both are connected or interrelated to each other. We use Chart as an extension to the Pivot Table. Any changes made in the Pivot table will be reflected in the Chart. Chart are More useful than the ordinary chart that Excel provides. This tutorial will explain you how you can create Chart in Excel, how you can filter your Pivot Charts and change your Pivot table type. We have taken two dimensional Pivot table in our Example

Insert Pivot chart in Excel | एक्सेल में पिवट चार्ट डालें

Following are the steps to Insert Chart in Excel:

Step 1Click anywhere in the Pivot Table.

Step 2On the Analyze tab, Tools Group, Select Pivot Chart. [Insert Chart dialog box appears]

Step 3: Click Ok


Pivot Chart - Salary Chart


You will see that your Pivot Table will be graphically represented in the Chart format.

NOTE: Any changes made in the Chart or Pivot Table are reflected immediately.

Filter Pivot Chart in Excel | एक्सेल में फ़िल्टर पिवट चार्ट

Following are the steps to Filter Pivot Chart in Excel

Step 1: Insert a Chart in Excel [as explained above]

Step 2We use the standard filter. In our example we have Divison and Rating as two standard to apply filter. We have filtered our Chart by selecting AD from the divison.


Pivot Chart - Select AD Division


Step 3: Click ok


Pivot Chart - Filter Division AD


Step 4Remove the Divison Filter that we had applied. We have Age in the Report Filter Category, so we can directly filter using Age Category to filter  Chart. In our example we filtered our Chart for the age 19-28.


Pivot Chart - Age Group


Step 5: Click ok


Pivot Chart - Age filter 19-28

Change Pivot Chart Type | पिवोट चार्ट प्रकार बदलें

You can change your Pivot Chart type any number of time you want. Steps to change Chart in Excel

Step 1: Select the Chart


Pivot Chart - Select Chart


Step 2In the Design tab > Type > Select Change Chart Type.


Pivot Chart - Change Chart type


Step 3Change Chart Type dialog box appears. Select from the different options available. We select Line Chart


Pivot Chart - line Chart


Step 4: Click ok


Pivot Chart - line Pivot Chart

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