Pivot Table Definition | Pivot Table in Excel

Pivot Table definition Excel

When you have large amount of data in your worksheet and you can’t analyze or sort the data then Pivot Table definition excel helps you to carry out the task easily and more conveniently. Pivot tables are powerful functions in excel.  The tutorial starts with what is pivot table and explain regarding different uses, its types, its importance, how to create and many more.

What is a Pivot Table? | एक पिवोट टेबल क्या है?

A Pivot Table helps to get an overview of the data represented in the Excel spreadsheet. Pivot tables allows you to analyze, summarize the data for easy analysis, quickly extract the data from any part of the pivot table and show only relevant data in our reports. Bill Jelen and Mike Alexander are referred as “Father of Pivot Tables.” They have defined Pivot Table as “a tool that would help users to recognize that these patterns will be helpful to build advance data more quickly”

In just few click you can pivot table will represent your data in charts, tabular and more presentable form. Within few click it will sort all your relevant data into respective columns and rows, into charts or even highlight key words or important points.

Before you create a Pivot Table you need to keep the following this in mind:

1. Your data should be in tabular form.

2. The data in the column should be same. Text and number should not be in the same column.

3. No column or row should be left empty. The same was while we do AutoSum.

4. First row should contain unique, short heading.

5. It should provide details of similar records. For example it sales is the head then it should include data relating to sale and not purchase. After you do through this and have your data ready in the form prescribed above you can now create Pivot Table in less than a minute.

Simply execute the steps to create a Pivot Table:

Step 1: Select Data


Pivot table Definition - Select Data


Step 2: Click on Insert Tab.


Step 3: Click on the Pivot Table.

Pivot table Definition - Insert tab-Pivot table


Step 4: A dialogue box will open that will ask you which data to analyze and where you want to place those data.


Pivot table Definition - Create Pivot Table


Step 5: Just by entering or dragging your mouse through the table you can create a Pivot Table.

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