How to Build Pivot Table in 30 Seconds

Pivot Table in Excel

When you have a large set of data in the worksheet, it becomes difficult to analyze and sort the data in a simple worksheet or in a simple table. We need a feature that will help us to sort and analyze large set of data. That feature is Pivot Table in Excel.

Pivot Table is the most powerful function in Excel. Pivot Table will help you to manage large sets of data by summarizing it and allowing you to manipulate the data in many ways. Pivot Table is fun to learn. This feature of Excel is very powerful because of the flexibility it provides.

Pivot Table allows you to summarize large amount of data in a concise tabular form for easy report making and analyzing.

How to Build Pivot Table in 30 Seconds | 30 सेकेंड में पिवट टेबल कैसे बनाएं

People believe that making Pivot table is a tough job. Pivot Table in Excel are time consuming and complex, but it’s not true. Pivot Table are incredibly easy to make and are very quick. Let’s look at the simple steps to build Pivot Table in Excel.

Step 1: Select the range of cells including the column header.

Pivot Table in Excel - Select the Range of Cells

Step 2: Go to the Insert Tab > Select Pivot Table under the Table group.

Pivot Table in Excel - Select Pivot Table

Step 3: Create Pivot Table Dialog box appears.

Pivot Table in Excel - Pivot Table Dialog Box

Note: Excel automatically selects the table or range for you and also the default place to locate the Pivot Table is selected as New Worksheet.

Steps 4: Click OK. A Pivot Table Field list appears to the right of new worksheet.

Pivot Table in Excel - Pivot table Placed

Step 5: Drag the field to the different area in the Pivot Table Field list. Here we dragged Division field in the Row Label Area and Salary p.a ($) in the Value Label Area. We will get One-Dimensional Pivot Table with 1 Row Label Area and 1 Value Label Area.

Pivot Table in Excel - Example

Your Pivot Table in Excel will be created.

Step 6: For Creating a Two-Dimensional Pivot Table Excel, drag a field to row and column area. Steps to create two dimensional Pivot table Excel will be the same while create single dimensional Pivot Table.

Pivot Table in Excel - Two Dimensional Pivot table

Step 7: Create Pivot Chart [Excel Shortcut keys F11]

Pivot Table in Excel - Pivot Chart

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