Protect Excel Workbook Password

To protect Workbook Password in Excel follow the steps given below:

1. Go to Review Section > Protect Workbook Tab

2. A Protect Structure Windows Panel will open

3. Click on Structure and set your password

4. Re-enter your password and click on OK

Note – After protecting your Workbook Structure, you can delete the data inside the sheet, but you can’t delete any sheet or move any sheet

Also, after saving the Workbook Structure, you will see this in a specific folder. So in order to remove the Workbook Password, you have to change the extension of the folder

Note – Many users cannot see the extension in their folder. So in order to see the extension all you have to do is:

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Click on View Category By and change it to small icons

3. Click on Folder Options

4. In Folder Options Panel, go to View Tab

5. Tick on the Hide Extensions for known file types checkbox to disable it

6. Click on OK

How to Remove Protect Workbook Password in Excel?

After seeing the extensions folder, you have to remove the Workbook Password Structure from the folder. So follow the steps in order to remove it:

1. Rename the Protected Extension Folder into zip (

2. Click on Yes to rename the file extension

3. Open the Zip Folder and go to xl named folder

4. Go to workboox.xml and double-click to open it in Notepad

Note – If you can’t open the folder by double-clicking on it then drag the folder out > right-click the folder > click on open> open with Notepad

5. Press Ctrl + F Shortcut key and write protect in the Find Panel

6. Select the Protect Workbook tag and delete it

7. Close and save the Extensions Folder

8. Rename the Extension Folder into xlsx and press Enter to save changes

9. Click on the Folder and you will see that the Workbook Structure Password is unprotected