Master logical statements: True or False in Excel in Hindi

logical statement

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the foundation of the logical statement that is true or false in excel. It is being noticed that when someone learns, and they are able to apply the “IF” or Nested If Else formula they feel enthusiastic. So to get this awesome feeling let’s make our conceptual foundation strong. For that let’s take an example, suppose we are having two columns say salary and division. There is five records mention in Division column. Assume that all the division are getting pay and we have to figure out which division is getting salary higher than $50,000

In this case, we can easily make out by seeing the record that which division is getting highest pay. But, what If there are thousands of records? It will be not that easy to answer such type of question or finding the answer manually. In early days if someone has to find an answer for such question than they had struggle with pen and paper which was very time-consuming. We living in the 21st century in the era of technology, so we will do a smart work rather doing a hard word. In Excel, we can get an answer for such questions within the fraction of a second it is just that we have to apply a correct excel formula. So let’s see how we can find an answer to this query.

Enter a formula that is, (=(select a cell you want to compare)>50,000) and Press ‘Enter.’

If a value is greater than the 50,000, then the answer will be “True.” or else answer will be “False.”

Suppose, what if a user have thousands of records, will a user have to enter the formula again and again?  No, We don’t need to type the formula each, and every time just we have to drag the formula cell till the end of our record. So, A cell having a value greater than 50,000, will get an answer as “True.” And if it doesn’t satisfy the condition, it will give an answer as “False.”

Are you shocked by this Excel trick and formula? Don’t be shocked everyone has the same reaction by knowing this. Here you saved your couple of hours instead of struggling with the jumbling records. Now, have you ever thought what will happen if we add “True” and ”false.”? What will be the answer? Don’t it sound bit crazy? Let’s have a look what output is for this crazy experiment?

In a cell enter a formula, (=(select a cell with a true value)+(select a cell with a false value)) and press “Enter.”

What happens after this will shock you, answer you will get will be ‘1’. Bit confused by answer how come ‘1’? You might be thinking we are adding up the text and how come the answer is ‘1’. It is just because here we are not adding any text; we are adding the values where True has a value ‘1, ‘ and false has a value ‘0’. So the logic behind this answer is (1+0=1).

Till now, we used True and False Logical statement for adding the numeric values. Have you thought can we use true or false logical statement for the text? Yes, we can use this logical statement for a text also. Suppose, if you are having thousands of records and if you want to find similar records, so it is very in excel to find such things. Just we have to enter a formula and drag it to end of the list you will get an answer.

Enter this particular formula in a cell (=(select a cell)=”Enter the cell value”) and press enter

the value which you have mentioned in the formula if it matches the value in the other cell than the answer will be ‘True’ or else it will be ‘False.’

So, friends, this was the magical logic statement of True or False. We hope that you enjoyed this tricky tutorial for more videos subscribe to our YouTube channel and Like our Facebook page last but not the least don’t forget to tweet us! Buy our Full Excel course to become a genius in Excel that too at a half price.

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