Sort by Color in Excel

Sort by Color

In the previous tutorials, we saw how to sort data alphabetically, how to sort data by numbers, how to sort data by dates. In this tutorial we will see how you can sort by color.  When using worksheet, we might add some color to our cell to differentiate it from various other cells due to some or the other reason. It might be to attract few cells so that they come into our view early or to sort data according to various colors of cells.

How to Sort Data by Cell Color | सेल रंग द्वारा डेटा कैसे सॉर्ट करें

Let us suppose that you have your data with different cell color and you want to sort those data by their color. Then you can do this by carrying out the following steps:

Step 1: Select the range that you want to sort the data by color.

Step 2: Click on Data tab > Sort options > Sort dialog box will open.

Step 3: Select Sort by > In the Sort on select Cell color.

Step 4: You will see that order option is visible. Select the colors according to their order you want to be seen.

If you have only one color in the table it will ask you whether you want to show the colored data at the top or at the bottom. Select according to your choice.

Step 5: Click OK. Your data will be filtered according to the cell color.

Another quick way to sort data is by selecting the cell and right clicking the mouse and select the option put selected cell color on top.


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Sorting Excel cells by color is the easiest task compared to counting, summing and even filtering. We can also sort data by font color, cell icons etc.