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Sort by dates

Sorting of data by dates was introduced in Excel in the year 2013. You can sort by dates when you spreadsheet contains data relating to dates. When dates in our worksheet are not in the order then you can sort them from oldest to newest. In addition to sorting data alphabetically we can also sort data dates.

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Steps to Sort Data by Dates

Step 1: Select the column or the entire table. Drag the mouse or you can press Ctrl + A to select the entire table.

Step 2: Click on Home tab > Editing group > Select Sort and Filter > Click on oldest to newest.


Click on Data tab > Sort and Filter group > Select Sort > Sort Dialog box appears > Select sort by dates. Automatically it will change the order from oldest to newest.

Step 3: The Column or the table will be sorted with old dates shown at the top followed by the newest once.

Suppose you want you data in revise form. That is you want the dates from newest to oldest, you can use the same steps just at the order select newest to oldest.


This is one of the simplest ways to organize data. You will find more options of sorting in the articles. You can even customize your sorting by following the steps to customize data in the earlier article.

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