Create a Sparklines | Sparklines in Excel

Sparklines in Excel

A sparklines Excel is a tiny chart that is presented in the cell of the worksheet. You can enter text and enter spark line in its background. Sparkline too like line chart show trends in a values. The Sparkline should be positioned beside the raw data for its great impact. You can easily see the relationship between the Sparkline and the data when you insert Sparkline next to the data.

Sparkline’s are used to show trends for seasonal changes, economic cycles, highlight the maximum and the minimum values in different color. Showing trends in Sparkline is easy when we share our data. Sparkline’s were introduced in the year 2010. Sparkline are presented not in line but also in column and Win/loss. Sparkline show data without taking too much of the space in the worksheet.

Let’s look at the steps to create a Sparklines in Excel:

Step 1: Select a cell or cells for which you want to show Sparkline

Sparklines - Data Example

Step 2: Go to the Insert Tab, in the Sparklines group, Click on Line.

Sparklines - Insert Tab Select line Sparkline

Step 3: Create a Sparklines dialog box appears.

1. Choose the data range for which we want to add Sparkline to.

2. Location place is selected by us in the Step 1.

3. Click OK.

Sparklines - insert line chart Range

Step 4: Sparklines Tools get activated as the sparklines are inserted in the cell. Now you can customize your Sparklines.

Sparklines in Excel

1. Control which value points to be shown (High Point, Low Point, Negative Point, First Point, Last Point, and Markers) here we have select High point and Low point.

2. Change the Sparkline type: You can change the Sparkline from Line to column or Win/Loss. In our case we changed our Sparkline type from Line to Column.

3. Ungroup the Sparkline: You can ungroup the Sparkline when you want to customize a particular Sparkline. Grouping and customizing will eventually lead to changes in all the Sparkline.

4. Delete Sparkline: You can delete Sparkline for all or one by selecting and then pressing clear option in the group of Design Tab.

5. Change the Sparkline Color: You can also change the color of the Sparkline by clicking on the Sparkline color drop down and select color of your choice.

6. Change the Marker Color: You can also change the color of your marker according to your choice from the marker color drop down option.

7. Axis Settings: You can customize your Axis settings like changing the data axis type, set minimum and maximum value for vertical axis.

8. Edit Data: In the Edit Data, you can either edit Group location and data or Single Sparkline location and data, Hidden and empty cells will let you choose how you want to see you empty cell Sparkline. If there are any cells hidden Sparkline will ask you whether you want to show Sparkline of hidden column as well or no.

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