How to store numbers as text in Excel

Store numbers as text

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss an important trick of excel which is called as “Store Numbers as Text

Many times we try to enter a cheque number for example 000876. As we move to another cell, the number which we entered will appear something like this ‘876’. So what is the difference? The difference is the Zero which we entered gets eliminated automatically. The computer eliminates the zero because adding a zero before any number doesn’t make a sense or it doesn’t make any change to the value.

So to avoid this phenomenon we can use a cool and easy trick which is called as Store Numbers As Text. In this trick, we store numbers in a text format so that value should not change and should appear as it has been entered. To prevent this error some people input such value with a single quotation (‘) for example, If I want that computer should not make any changes to such values then I will have to add single quotation in the value as if (‘000876). By adding a quotation computer considers the whole value as a text and doesn’t make any changes.

There is two interesting reason behind adding this quotation. First, the data type of quotation is a character, so the computer accepts it as a normal text. So, any value entered with a quote is considered as text and second, adding a quotation doesn’t change the value. To perform this trick, there is another simple way which we have to follow before entering the value i.e.

  • Do a “Right Click”
  • Select format cells
  • Dialogue box will appear, Select “Text” from the list
  • click “Ok”

After this process, values will be stored as a text. Although, It has also been noticed that when we enter a bank account number or a long value like (8374928749472479247) it appears like an error value like (8.37493E+18). So to avoid this error or to prevent the changes to the value same steps can be followed as mentioned above.

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