Table Formatting in Excel | Wrap Long Table Headers


Table Formatting in Excel

Table Formatting in Excel is a huge concept and there are various tips and tricks used to format table in Excel. Many a time you need to take a printout or you need to create a table and you want to give a heading to the table such as name, place, animal, and thing. We might notice that people sometimes have long headers and they struggle with the length and try to make it short so that the header takes a minimum amount of space.

? What is the Problem Faced?

Long headers lead to printout getting extended to two or more pages.

? The Solution to the Problem:

The Table Formatting in Excel tutorial will explain you with one of its various tricks as to know you can solve the above problem.

The solution to the above problem is Use Wrap Text to wrap a long table header in a single cell.

Now the question is how can you wrap text? Follow the below steps which will help you with Table formatting in Excel Trick.

Step 1: Select the cells

Step 2: Click on the Home Tab.

Step 3: Click on “Wrap Text”

Doing so, text in the cell will wrap which means it will fit in the cell automatically with the size of the cell.

? Another Formatting Trick to artful Table Formatting in Excel:

As we increase the height of the column the whole text shift to the bottom of the cell. And we need to align the text in the column. To align text in the cell, there are steps which will help in Table formatting in Excel.

Step 1: Select the cells

Step 2: Click on the Home Tab

Step 3: Choose from the various alignment combination.  For vertical alignment choose from (Top align, Middle align, Bottom align) and Horizontal alignment choose from (Left align, Middle align, Right align)

? Conclusion:

With this trick, you can wrap up the long table headers in a cell and take print out, so that the whole matter can be groomed in an A4-Size paper. This is a simple trick on Table formatting in Excel. Learn more such amazing tricks of the Table Formatting in Excel by becoming an Excel Superstar Family.

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